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Always innovating in developing solutions.


Wide range to accommodate customer needs.


Provide the best service to be managed in the future.

What We Do Best

We develop creative, comprehensive and sustainable Internet solutions for a future where society can thrive. We are develop a company culture in giving the best service for all the customers including competitive price, and best effort to accommodate customer needs.

Direct connection to Prime Internet Backbone

Network backbones are designed to maximize the reliability and performance of large-scale, long-distance data communications.

MRTG support for Internet Dedicated Services

MRTG to facilitate you in monitoring the Internet that you have.


Redundancy plan on the Internet Backbone

Set up a project plan that will allow you to scrutinize the current architecture/infrastructure.

24 x 7 a week NOC monitors the network

Our Network Operation Center (NOC) is staffed 24/7/to assist customers with network management.

Fully connected to domestic Internet Exchange

Physical location through which Internet infrastructure companies such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and CDNs connect with each other.

Fiber Optic (FO) Internet Backbone Available

The Internet backbone is a conglomeration of multiple, redundant networks owned by numerous companies.

Dedicated point to point from CircleOne to Customer LAN

Point-to-point connection refers to a communications connection between two communication endpoints or nodes.

Service Level Assurance (SLA) 98%

We guarantee that there will be no down time during internet service usage.

Network performance with dedicated premium Internet Access service

For business user that needs a full time, dedicated, well maintained, and stable performance. Circle One-Net offers you a suite of solution designed to meet your business information and communication needs.

Dedicated Internet

The high speed and broadband connection of Circle One-Net service is the best offering solution for your company to support operational business activity that will increase advantages for your IT implementation.

Let's Break Down!

  • Dedicated is a single line of connection is dedicated to you ONLY.
  • Symmetric Speed (Download high, Upload high).
  • Reliable and Secure.
  • Covered by Service Level of Agreement, a contract that defines the level of service given or expected form the provider.
  • Suitability for business corporation, educational intstution, hospitality industry, technology company, etc


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We are a growing internet provider company, operated business comprised of loyal and dedicated employees who are committed to do what it takes to deliver the best Internet products, services and experiences to our customers.